Ten Feet Tall, Still: The Very Personal 70-Year Odyssey of a Woman Who Still Pursues Her Childhood Passion

by Julie Suhr

richly illustrated with cartoons by Judith Ogus

Now available as an ebook
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“Julie Suhr's book is an inspiration to everyone. I've loaned it out to all my friends, whether they are horse people are not. What a wonderful book!!!”

Kim Harrison

“I have read Julie Suhr's book cover to cover at least 5 times in the past 20 months. She strikes a chord in every woman who has ever had a horse in her life who was dearly loved. I've probably read the chapter called "Pegasus" three dozen times. I feel like I am riding the Tevis trail every time. Julie's writing from her experiences makes me want to be a better horseperson, and she makes it feel achieveable. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for sharing these experiences with me.”

Kerry Greear

“A must read for anyone with a dream. A must read for anyone that thinks they are too old. This book will bring you to tears and inspire you to obtain your own goals.”

Becky Hackworth

“This is an inspiring story and a real page-turner. Julie Suhr is an incredibly positive person and very determined. In addition to this she has led a fascinating life and she recounts it in an interesting way. I highly recommend this book.”


“Amazing book. Julie is an inspiration to everyone with her determination and strength.”