from …but it wasn't the horse's fault:

“Several years ago I was asked to speak at the Pacific Northwest Endurance Riders Annual Convention. I was given a list of events the night before. It makes me nervous to see my name on a program. I usually spend a restless night fearing total oratorical failure will befall me the next day. I looked at the schedule of events carefully as I have a habit of sometimes reading things too quickly. I noticed that the other speakers had initials after their names. Mike Foss, D.V.M., Steve Duren MS, Ph.D. Then there was just plain old Julie Suhr. My self esteem was seriously damaged. Webster’s Dictionary describes self-esteem as “confidence of your own merit as an individual person.” I really wanted that confidence as I felt my intellectual capabilities had been seriously challenged by the absence of initials. About 3 a.m., after lying awake wallowing in self pity the previous several hours, I had an epiphany. I, too, could have initials after my name. I would be an E.R.J., an Endurance Ride Junkie (Pronounced URGE, as in URGE to ride).”

The trailer decal pictured is the result of the talents of Stephanie Teeter.
A decal is included in each copy of but it wasn't the horse's fault.