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. . . but it wasn't the horse's fault

a rambling catchall

by Julie Suhr

illustrated by Judith Ogus



If your day is long and you need a smile, you will find it in the pages of this book. Each chapter tackles a different subject. By the last page, the heros are the horses who have inspired and then guided many lives to take a different course.

This is a story of emotions, the incredible soaring that accompanies conquering fear and the empty feeling when it escapes you. Mix it with levity, and you have ...but it wasn’t the horse’s fault!

For the non-horse lovers there is plenty of literary substance to ponder. The captive horse lover will nod in agreement for most of us have trod the same path. It will never be long enough.

Richly illustrated with both pictures and colorful cartoons, a visual delight accompanies the text with the message: It is always the trail ahead that counts, not the one left behind.

Endurance Ride Junkie (E.R.J.) trailer decal included with each book.erg
Every copy of …but it wasn't the horse's fault is autographed.

All profits from the sale of this book go to:
The Center for Equine Health
School of Veterinary Medicine
Davis, California




Ten Feet Tall, Still: The Very Personal 70-Year Odyssey of a Woman Who Still Pursues Her Childhood Passion
by Julie Suhr


Now available as an ebook from
Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

This engaging story is not for horse lovers alone, but for all ages and all walks of life who have ever had dreams. It take you on one woman's journey from childhood to old age in a life of joy and passion. You will find her failures and her successes full of laughter and tears. Julie Suhr never wavered in the ardor she felt for riding horses and, with delight, she shares the experiences. Between the ears of good horses, she and her husband, Bob, have seen the world from the Siberian border and Outer Mongolia, to the Alaskan tundra, the Outback of Australia, South Africa, France and among the wild animals of Botswana. They have left their tracks on the Pony Express Trail, the Bitterroot Mountains and along the Mexican border and through the redwood forests of California, all on the horses who have shaped her life.

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